09 8 / 2014

hiitachai said: Hey Chazillah, I've been thinking of buying Scott Robertson book How to Draw so I was wondering if it helped you with achitectual drawings and perspective? Thank youu : )

scott robertson is awesome. i started with his dvds, but i think the book is way more in-depth. it’s fantastic & definitely helping me, especially with my freehand drawing. 

however, i think a basic understanding of perspective is required. the chapters get very technical, so if perspective is new to you, it might be good to start with a softer book like “perspective made easy” etc.  then you can work your way up.

09 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Hey chaz i just started to work with photoshop and im having difficulties making hard edges so all my studies look kinda watery and ew. And did you study anatomy simply from copying pics or? Thank you :)

hey there! for hard edges:

1. use lasso tool for desired shape

2. create a clipping mask over top or lock the transparency

3. painty paint

for studying anatomy: no, definitely not from copying pictures. copying in general won’t help you if you’re trying to draw from imagination. i wasted too much time doing that.

instead, learn about perspective and form. understanding those two fundamentals is much more important (see perspective books, vilppu’s books and dvds, loomis, etc). once you understand, studying the anatomical shapes is actually useful. i prefer videos because you can start piecing together a 360° map in your head of the muscle shapes, in context w/ the viewer’s eye level. good luck! 

09 8 / 2014

hiii, here’s a bit of recent imagination stuff, gestures, and studies. a bit busy with deadlines for work and still learning to balance social life…but i’m around :D 

by the way, thanks for the followers and support, i was surprised when i opened up my tumblr today. can’t believe anyone looks at this shat * - * i…yeah, honestly, thank you so much! 

09 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: Could you talk us through your figure drawing process? Or where did you learn it from? Thank you, I've been struggling ;n;

hey! i’m still learning too, but i got the most from loomis, vilppu, and fat seal ….and from failing over and over. hmm i’d prioritize the process this way:

1. perspective and form (learn how to place stuff in perspective relative to the viewer’s eye level. loads of books go over this, and loomis does briefly)

2. placement (proportions, where things are positioned relative to the perspective, angles, measurement)

3. shapes and anatomy, again, relative to the perspective

…honestly learning the anatomy feels something that should be done last. it’s more important to learn how to describe form in perspective. actually just learn perspective in general. then everything starts making more sense.

you can do it and you’ll kick ass, don’t give up. it’s hard

09 8 / 2014

Anonymous said: I haven’t seen any updates from you in a while; I hope all is going well. :)

hey thanks. everything is awesome. hope you’re doing well too, kind stranger

09 8 / 2014

wolfnoom449 said: hey master raccoon, didnt seen you around in a while, whats up? taking a break from intenet or something?

i was busy causing mischief like a sassy raccoon should. :D

but really, yea, took a huge break from the internet and had a social life for a bit. like a summer holiday. or something.

ok excuses aside i was just being lazy af 

11 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: Sorry if you have answered this before but, do you do any wrist/elbow/shoulder exercises to alleviate any pain that can come from drawing for a long time?

ahhh yeah…I had tendonitis really bad last year and went to the doctor. I ended up wearing wrist braces at night and had to ease off on drawing. None of that really solved the issue for me and it kept recurring.

but, i started strength training in dec/jan and it went away completely. haven’t had it all year. this was a surprise i guess, but it kinda makes sense now that i think about it though.

I guess that strengthening the arm can alleviate wrist issues for some people. i suppose you could just try wrist curls and buy some dumbbells.

but i really encourage exercise and strength training, i think it’s exceptionally important for sedentary careers…not to mention all the added bonuses like looking and feeling good :D 

05 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: Chazi, you've said before that you like using videos for pose references because they have more motion. If you have Netflix I would recommend drawing from Worlds Away (Crique du Soleil)! There are so many interesting and unique poses, and the movie itself is beautiful to watch. It made me think of you <3

That sounds like an awesome idea! thanks for the mention. :) i’ll definitely get some cirque videos to study from. hehe. 

05 7 / 2014

i’m back! * - * still been at it every day, but took a few days to rest up because i really hit a wall with that dragon illustration thing. experienced the whole “omg i can’t do art what am i doing” 

but i exercised loads, met new people who are motivating and awesome, and feel super happy and pumped! 

let’s do this!

18 6 / 2014

Anonymous said: How do you do that

if you are referring to art:  

1. buy pencil and paper

2. move pencil across paper

3. cry