11 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: Sorry if you have answered this before but, do you do any wrist/elbow/shoulder exercises to alleviate any pain that can come from drawing for a long time?

ahhh yeah…I had tendonitis really bad last year and went to the doctor. I ended up wearing wrist braces at night and had to ease off on drawing. None of that really solved the issue for me and it kept recurring.

but, i started strength training in dec/jan and it went away completely. haven’t had it all year. this was a surprise i guess, but it kinda makes sense now that i think about it though.

I guess that strengthening the arm can alleviate wrist issues for some people. i suppose you could just try wrist curls and buy some dumbbells.

but i really encourage exercise and strength training, i think it’s exceptionally important for sedentary careers…not to mention all the added bonuses like looking and feeling good :D 

05 7 / 2014

Anonymous said: Chazi, you've said before that you like using videos for pose references because they have more motion. If you have Netflix I would recommend drawing from Worlds Away (Crique du Soleil)! There are so many interesting and unique poses, and the movie itself is beautiful to watch. It made me think of you <3

That sounds like an awesome idea! thanks for the mention. :) i’ll definitely get some cirque videos to study from. hehe. 

05 7 / 2014

i’m back! * - * still been at it every day, but took a few days to rest up because i really hit a wall with that dragon illustration thing. experienced the whole “omg i can’t do art what am i doing” 

but i exercised loads, met new people who are motivating and awesome, and feel super happy and pumped! 

let’s do this!

18 6 / 2014

Anonymous said: How do you do that

if you are referring to art:  

1. buy pencil and paper

2. move pencil across paper

3. cry 

17 6 / 2014

some warmups from the last few days *_* all imagination except hands and bird.

some kuro atsuko in there too, and an original character from a million years ago. 

12 6 / 2014

This AKFG cover has drowned me in feels. do yourself a favour and listen. it deserves more attention 

12 6 / 2014

random warmups and characters.

wheeww i feel like i’m getting no where lately. gotta push the scott robertson stuff. drawing anything architectural from imagination is brutal for me but i want to be good at it one day D:  

12 6 / 2014

midweek update of work, character chick turning into dragon, planning, studies…blehh 

08 6 / 2014

Anonymous said: How old are you?

Hmm…. :D 23. mom keeps reminding me she was married by now oh my god :DDD

07 6 / 2014

ellie-is said: How many hours do you usually draw in a day? Just curious. :3

hey there! thanks for coming by.

it really varies to be honest, so I have no idea. in the beginning I had a goal of 8-10 hours a day. but then I’d get depressed when I didn’t hit those numbers (more often than not). so now I just make a list of things I need to do art-wise for the next day and do them. that has worked out a lot better for me and gives a sense of accomplishment :’D 

also, i’m starting to think numbers don’t mean much at all. anyone can draw for hours and hours, but if it’s a mindless 8 hours or they’re not really into it, it won’t be nearly as useful as someone who draws for 3 hours but is completely focused and fully absorbed in what they’re doing.

that’s what i whisper as i cry myself to sleep, anyway