god, that skin tone study, what the hell is going on

my brain is crap, i’m tired, and it was a long day. on groggy days i definitely don’t think enough while i draw/paint and it pisses me off D: < 

some practice practice, want to upkeep drawing and review things

also I’ll probably start posting on permanoobs rather than tumblr for my practice stuff, since i can actually get community feedback/critique on there :D 

Sort of done, sort of not. need to fix the shields and a few things still. For ForgottenMyths TCG! 

Purple studies for the purpley pieceee. I did two other color thumbnails before this one and they were even worse 

wow I’m noticing that I am still terrible at legs without reference. need to go back and study them asap.

then again, I feel like when I was learning anatomy I wasn’t paying attention to shape and placement at all *_* that is a problem yes 

time to make delicious protein muffins for me and friend’s breakfast before exercise at 6AM. yessssssssss life is great

no, seriously, that isn’t sarcasm. everyone always goes “that must suck” when I mention exercising outside in the morning, and they give me the weirdest look when I tell them it’s one of the best feels one could have to start the day

another GoT shot, me fumbling with skin tones, and some snippets from my shitbook :D

warm light is really confusing. but things are starting to make sense.

oh and keep doing GoT screens for studies because it’s all i have access too right now (it’s on my external hard drive) & because no internet mon-fri challenge


5am here we go. slowly adjusting to this masochism

PS: i’m probably the minority, but i’m so annoyed at daario’s replacement. i think season 3’s actor had waaaay more appeal and fit for the part. now daario is just a cheesy romantic and it’s so lame

like the gambling/flowers crap, come on. :/ ugh. oh well nbd, oberyn made up for all of that 

Ummmmmm did a screencap painting study today of Oberyn and I couldn’t help to express my ultimate bishounen OTP

Oberyn x Tywin 4eva plz

Errrr but on a real note, capturing clouds on a sunset is pretty stressful. And the GoT screencap colors killled me. Studied design stuff today too, there are a lot more pages but cant be assed to transfer to laptop because i have much tired right now.


I sorta finished that demon hunter piece a while ago, but I’ve just been letting it sit so I can learn what the hell went wrong with the colors *_* It’s a lot better than the original I think, but the lighting is bugging me. 

Anddd screencap from GoT…it was pretty much torture painting a screencap and not watching the first episode of season 4. 

…So I ended up watching it. :DDD Loved how they did Arya and the Hound’s scene in the inn. Soooo much satisfaction hehehehe

Otherwise I’m just kind of stumped on some color stuff in general. It’s so easy to say that “local color simply adapts to the light source the stronger the light source is”, but…doing it is quite tough. I think I’m pretty stuck on the amount it changes. Such as the chick painting (from faestock btw)—- I thought her shadows would appear a lot more skintoney as the form shifts away from the overcast light. But in the reference the blue/green stay relatively equal (where-as I thought the blue would really drop out of the rgb).

My poor tiny brain. 

I think the fog in the demon hunter pic (behind her) is really muddy too. Too cold?  I went with the warm fg/cool bg logic…..but obviously these things don’t apply to all situations.

Anndd I’m back! Was reaaaaally burned out the last two days but I feel energized and recuperated now. Woooooooooo let’s go :DD Game of thrones screencap done really quick, and the still life was an hour

The inked stuff is literally me drawing as I fall asleep in bed…I need to get back to some better drawing stuff because it’s still really weak in so many technical aspects.

laptop isn’t turning on, so here’s some more camera uploads haha. I hate showing wips but it didn’t get finished. I do lineart still before blocking in the shapes, just to measure things out. then I kinda recheck the measurements when I block in.

but woow it was one of those nights where I woke up wide awake at 1am and couldn’t sleep after. So I just went to the gym at 6,did a spin class and lifting stuff, and then came home to eat and tried finishing the demon hunter pic. Everything went shit so I started doodling.

TLDR no brain right now. goodnight :D